Episode 265 - NFL Predictions Revisit

After a six-week hiatus, the guys are back to talk NFL! Brandon revisits his predictions from pre-season, confessing the good, the bad, and the very ugly things he said before September. Dwayne is worried about the Chiefs and the Rams heading into the title game.

Thank you for your patience as Brandon welcomed a new baby girl and bought a new house over the holiday season.

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Episode 264 - NFL Check In

The guys check in on the NFL (recorded before the Kareem Hunt fiasco) and hit storylines around the league. Who’s for real? Who isn’t? What’s going on in the NFC East? How good can the Texans be? Also, Brandon has nice things to say about the Browns and Dwayne wonders if the Cowboys are any good.

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Episode 262 - NFL Trade Deadline

This week, the guys talk NFL trade deadline, the emergence of Nick Mullens, and how they feel about the Dolphins and Panthers at the mid-point of the season.

Also, Dwayne wonders what Tampa Bay should do at the quarterback position, and Brandon (sort of) defends the Amari Cooper trade.

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Episode 261 - NBA Buy and Sell

This week, the guys discuss early trends in the NBA. Which trends are for real? Which ones aren’t? Which teams are on Dwayne’s “watch list,” and Brandon wonders where Taurean Prince came from.

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Episode 260 - NBA Northwest Division Preview

This week the guys preview the NBA Northwest division. They decide this is the toughest division in the league with 3 teams likely to make the playoffs. Four if you like the Denver Nuggets (spoiler we don’t. Five if you think the Timberwolves won’t be a mess (Spoiler, we don’t.) They also discuss OKC’s potential as a sleeper Western Conference Champion, the Jazz’s sleeper potential and, of course, there is lots of Portland Trail Blazer talk.

Episode 258 - NBA Central Division Preview

This week the guys continue their NBA season previews. This week they calk Central Division. They talk about the upstart but still bad Bulls, the mess in Detroit, the chances the Cavs have of making the playoffs, how good the Pacers can be and weather or not Giannas has enough help in Milwaukee to be considered a serious threat. Also, a sincere thanks to all our listeners, new and old. You guys are the best!

Episode 257 - NBA Pacific Division Preview

This week, the guys break down the Pacific Division as Dwayne tries to keep Brandon from pulling a Bill Simmons and taking every conversation back to the Portland Trailblazers. Which team is the worst in the division? How good can the Lakers be? What about that Devin Booker contract? All this and more!

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Episode 256 - NBA Southeastern Division Preview

This week the guys begin there NBA Division previews. They start with the Southeastern Division, home to Dwayne's beloved Charlotte Hornets. They discuss the young Hawks, the never ending rebuild in Orlando, the mediocrity of the Hornets and potential meltdown contenders in Washington and Miami. Then they try to see if they could make a team from all players in this division that could make the Finals. Spoiler Alert: they failed. The East is bad, folks. 

Episode 254 - Live Fantasy Football Draft

This week, the guys comment while actively drafting a real-time 10-team fantasy football league! Hear the discussions on each pick, overall draft strategy, and trends for this season. Plus, which guys should you target late in drafts, and how long should you wait on a quarterback?

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Episode 253 - AFC North and AFC South Preview

This week the guys preview their final 2 divisions heading into the NFL season. Dwayne gives his thoughts on the Browns' Hard Knocks season. They also discuss which team will finish last in the AFC South (one of them have to), why Brandon thinks the Colts will be good, Marvin Lewis' tenure in Cincinnati and why both guys really like the Ravens.

Episode 252 - NFC South Preview

This week, the guys preview the NFC South division. Will Dwayne be happy with his beloved Panthers this year? Will Brandon ever buy into the Falcons? Can the Bucs rebound? Are the Saints for real? The guys break down each team's offseason and prospects for the upcoming 2018 season.

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Episode 251 - AFC West Preview

This week, the guys preview the AFC West division. Which team is the worst? Which is the best? How much will the Chiefs miss Alex Smith? Is Case Keenum the new Alex Smith in the division? Plus, every character on the show Ballers needs 2 Guys, and the guys argue over Demaryius Thomas. 

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Episode 249 - NFC East and North Previews

This week, the guys dive into the always competitive NFC East and NFC North divisions! Can the Packers bounce back with a healthy Aaron Rodgers? How good can the Vikings be with Kirk Cousins? The guys also discuss the new Bears and have the annual Alex Smith discussion.

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Episode 248 - AFC East Preview

The guys begin their annual NFL division previews with the AFC East! Can any team challenge the Patriots? Which rookie first round quarterback is mostly likely to succeed? Can Ryan Tannehill come back from two straight knee injuries? Will Brandon ever successfully quit the Dolphins?

All this and more!

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Episode 246 - NBA Draft Preview

It's almost draft day! With the Finals over, the guys dive deep into the potential top picks of the NBA draft! Dwayne discussed which picks should be made, which players he's super high on, and who he thinks is getting way too much buzz. How good is Luka Doncic? Does Marvin Bagley have a role in the modern NBA? Should we believe the Ayton hype? 

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