The Panthers and I Need To Go on a Break


One thing you may not know about me is that I am a huge fan of the show Friends. Like huge to the point that at one point I could name episode numbers if you just described the plot of the episode to me.  I'm not that nerdy any more but I still have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the show.

One of the most heart wrenching moments of the show is this scene where Ross and Rachel decide they need to take a break. It sucks because everyone know Ross and Rachel are perfect for each other. But neither can really figure out at that moment exactly why it's so hard for them to love each other. So they take a break to figure this out. Was it a terrible idea? Yes. 5 seasons, 2 marriages and a baby later they figure this out and get back together and all is right with the universe.  

I feel like this is where I am in my relationship with the Carolina Panthers.  I feel like we need to take a break.  Not because of anything they have done. But because of me. For the 6th straight season the Panthers have started the season 1-3 (except for the 2008 season where they started 0-4). I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.  Season after season, it's the same. They get my hopes up. Show lots of promise. Then underachieve until they are out of playoff contention. Finish the season strong and suck me back in again going into the next season.

You have to show me you are serious about changing the problems this team has. And I mean seriously change it. Not just put duct tape over the broken window. Fix the window. Get Cam some weapons. Bolster the O-Line. Get a decent secondary. And finally play with some fight and urgency. 

Who am I kidding? We all know how this plays out. You'll go 7-9.  Fire the coach. Piece together a team that gives me just enough hope to rope me back in for yet another mediocre season.  No! It stops here. No more Panthers! Unless you change, I can't continue this relationship.