Josh Freeman a Viking

                   I'll show you sandwich! 

                   I'll show you sandwich! 

After a tumultuous ride over the past few months in Tampa Bay, quarterback Josh Freeman landed on the Minnesota Vikings.  The Bucs cut him after he presumably ate Greg Schiano's sandwich and possibly slept with his girlfriend, and Freeman lasted only a few days before landing with the Vikings. 

We know what happened in Tampa.  Freeman and Schiano inexplicably stopped getting along (I still say it's the sandwich thing) late last year and things just escalated over the past several months.  Freeman was no longer invited to meetings, he was demoted from his starting job, and I even heard that Schiano wouldn't let him play any of the reindeer games that he played with everyone else.

So the Bucs cut him.  2009 first round pick, great arm, showed poise, only 25 years old.  Yeah, no need for him.  Bucs let him go.  Ate almost six million dollars to do it to.  Needless to say, that was a very expensive sandwich of Schiano's. 

So leaving Tampa behind, we see a young player now beginning again in a new surrounding.  The Vikings, led by MattChristian Ponder-Cassell, are in desperate need of a new quarterback, have an elite running game, and some youth to build around.  This is the perfect environment for the talented Freeman, who will get a new start with a coach that doesn't get upset over sandwiches.

Freeman may not pan out.  He struggled late last year and looked downright awful the first few games of this season.  He will get a legit shot in Minnesota however.  And whether that happens now or next season (with a new contract), bringing him in now gives him all season to learn the playbook and develop a connection with the Vikings pass catchers.  That should give him a head start on next season, when he inevitably enters the season as the starter and circles the Bucs on his calendar.