5 Things I'm Excited About This Baseball Season

It's baseball season every body! What? You're not excited? Yeah, me neither. I do this every season. I try desperately to convince myself THIS is the year I give a crap about baseball. But to no avail. I'm normally mildly interested through the first week or so. Then apathy sets in and I find the seemingly endless reruns of Americas Funniest Home Videos and poof. All motivation lost. 

This season however sincerely might be different. Last October I moved here to Philadelphia, PA from North Carolina. Perhaps living near a mildly competitive baseball team will compel me to pay more attention. Probably not. As it stands I can name 3 Phillies players...Cliff Lee, Ryan Howard, and the other black one (sadly this is only SLIGHTLY hyperbolic). 

My general disinterest and apathy aside, here are 5 things I do look forward to in this upcoming baseball season: 

1.) Attending my first baseball game - Yes. I've never been to a professional baseball game. I've been to a couple minor league games and I enjoyed myself fine. I'm curious to see if the live experience draws me in.

2.) CC Sabathia's Inexplicable Weight - I love CC.  The guy is enormous and is a great pitcher. I read once that he used to eat a box of Captain Crunch for breakfast. A box.

3.) Chief Wahoo - How can you not love Chief Wahoo? That fact that in 2013 a major American sports team still has a mascot this blatantly racist is astounding.

4.) Miguel Cabrera - I don't know alot about baseball. And what little I do know is mostly about the Atlanta Braves circa 1992 (Terry Pendleton was a God.) But I do know this, Miguel Cabrera is really really good.  I look forward to watching him play.

5.) The World Series - The Fall Classic.  Always a good time. It's great to watch one teams long season of hardwork pay off in a championship. Especially when that team isn't the Yankees or the Red Sox.