No Home for Harrison

James Harrison, released by the Pittsburgh Steelers just before the start of Free Agency, has now reportedly been rejected again by his former team.

Harrison, a former Defensive Player of the Year, is now 34 years old, and after a rocky 2012 season where he was hampered by injuries, the former perennial Pro Bowler is now left out of work and out of luck.

Reportedly, the Steelers had previously asked their long time pass rusher to take a paycut. When Harrison refused, the team cut him from their roster. Harrison has since flirted with bitter rival the Baltimore Ravens but in a free agent market that has run dry this year, he's been unable to secure a contract. The Ravens, having just signed the younger Elvis Dumervil, are no longer suitors and ESPN reported that Harrison sought a return to Pittsburgh.

However, the Steelers seem destined to move on, likely counting on 2010 second round pick Jason Worilds to fill the very large shoes of the departed Harrison. After a disappointing 2012 season, the Steelers are in the midst of a roster overhaul, and in addition to Harrison, have seen starters at RB, WR, OT, and CB depart already this year. They also have yet to resign veteran NT Casey Hampton. Losing Harrison seems to be a part of a youth movement going on in Pittsburgh, and it isn't surprising they elected not to bring him back after he reportedly turned down their original offer.

Harrison still has something left in the tank, and as a ferocious pass rusher, he's likely to find work somewhere. Look for another 3-4 team such as the Colts, Cowboys, Broncos, or Packers to take a look at the veteran and see just how much he has left. One thing is for certain, wherever he ends up he'll definitely be motivated.