Weekly Roundup

Here's what 2 Guys have been reading this week:

Barry Wilner talks about the NFL veteran free agents still available

Fantasy Football Chick discusses Peyton Hillis signing in Tampa

Good to see Lillard working hard on D!

NFL training camp guide by Andrew Garda on Bleacher Report

Kyrie doing his “Next” thing…

Interesting article comparing Tiger (and not Phil) to Arnold Palmer.  I feel like Tiger is more like Jack personally… finding Arnie to be a decent comparison for Phil to some extent.  Still, excellent and interesting article by Jake Simpson for The Atlantic

Checking in on Brandon’s man-crush, the “Handsome” (as Dan Bress describes him) Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles

I feel bad for Jon Beason… hopefully this isn’t the beginning of a long season for the former Pro Bowler

Here’s a video for this week of RG3’s first touchdown pass of his career, to Pierre Garcon… just sick!