My Top 5 Team USA Sports Moments

It's the 4th of July everybody! A day for not working. Barbecuing. And getting so drunk we think we are fireworks experts.  Oh, and I guess we celebrate America's birthday too at some point. Of course I understand it's significance. After all, it's this great country that gives me the freedom to come on these internets everyday and be my self-centered sarcastic self.

Countless people have sacrificed over the years to give us freedoms we take for granted everyday. I'm not just talking about the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Or the the freedom to criticize any president we disagree with. I mean the fact that we live in a country where access to clean drinking water isn't a daily struggle. Where we have access to education. Where genocide and daily civil unrest isn't the norm. These are all things we should be thankful for everyday.

Excuse me while I step down off my soapbox. I'm just a sports blogger. I also love the Olympics.  I can watch any event. Doesn't matter. The Olympics allows us to watch sports over a one month period that we would never watch any other time. Like, synchronized swimming (which is captivating by the way). So in honor of the 4th of July, I've decided to rank my top 5 moments in Team USA History. Enjoy your 4th everyone. I'm gonna go and watch things explode, drink beer and over eat. Like any good American. USA!

1. The Miracle on Ice

I wasn't around yet for the Miracle on Ice. But I can appreciate a good upset.  And the 1980 USA hockey team beating the Russian national team would be like Duke University beating Miami Heat. It's something you just can't imagine ever happening.  Add in the fact that the US and Russia were locked into the pissing contest that was the Cold War and it adds an edge to the game. 

2. Vince Carter's Olympic Dunk

You know the one. The one where Vince Carter dunked over that 7' French guy. No. He literally jumped over a 7' French guy! It has to be seen to be believed. I'm not sure what my favorite part of this clip is. Vin Baker's reaction to the dunk or the realization that Vin Baker was on the 2000 Men's Olympic Basketball Team.

3. 2008 Nike USA Basketball Commercial

This might be the coolest commercial of all time.  This Marvin Gaye version of the National Anthem is just badass. Pair that with some training clips from the 2008 Olympic team and it's gold. Also, is that...Michael Redd? Oh, how times change. 

4. Kerri Strug Lands the Vault on One Leg

I remember being in high school and watching this. I literally jumped off the couch when she stuck this landing.  I didn't even really know what was happening. But I knew it was awesome. And oh yeah, she had an injured ankle. But no big deal. 

5. Women's Team USA Soccer Team Wins World Cup 1999

One of the most iconic moments in American Sports. Brandi Chastain takes off her shirt after nailing the winning penalty kick. I still get goosebumps watching this.