I'm Back and I'm Married

The last month for me has been chaotic.  People always told me that getting married was stressful and up until a month ago I thought everyone was just being hyperbolic. But alas, a month ago, it started. It started with my best man backing out on coming to my wedding 2 weeks before the wedding. This is a very long story. I'm ok with it. Just know there was about a 2 hour window when I was capable of inflicting harm to another human being.

But once the actual wedding started, all went well and I had the best time I've ever had. The morning after the wedding, my wife and I flew from Philly to NC to Salt Lake City Utah in about 36 hours. This lead into a week of vacation in Park City, Utah. It was a great two weeks for me.

The side effect of unplugging for a few weeks and enjoying marital bliss? You lose all feel for the sports world. I don't know what's going on anymore. The Giants and Steelers are 0-4. The Chiefs are undefeated. The Titans are 3-1. NBA training camps start this week. Mariano Rivera no longer is a Yankee. And the Pirates are in the Playoffs. I don't know what's happening.  

It's the best time of the year to be a sports fan. NFL in full swing. NBA starting up. And baseball playoffs kicking off.  I'm glad I got my vacation out of the way. Now I can bunker in for the next couple months and enjoy some sports.