Dwayne's Ode To Matt Ryan


As you all know, I am a man of my word. And I always pay my debts. I'm like a Lannister (minus the lying, betrayal and incest but you know.) At the beginning of the football season Brandon and I made a bet. The bet was who would have a better fantasy season; Vincent Jackson or Demaryius Thomas. If Vincent Jackson would have had the better season, Brandon had to change his twitter avatar to this picture. And if Demaryius Thomas had the better season, I had to write an ode to Matt Ryan.

At the time I made this bet, I didn't realize Peyton Manning was about to turn in the greatest quarterback season in the history of the NFL. Needless to say, I lost. And to pay of my bet, below is the poem I have written for Matt Ryan. Have a Happy New Year Everyone! And screw you Vincent Jackson.

It was 2008,
In Atlanta, ga. 
The nfl draft was near.
And hope on the way. 

The falcons had endured 
A 4-12 season. 
We all understood. 
We well knew the reason. 

The team had just suffered. 
The downfall of Vick.
And for all of their suffering. 
They had the #3 pick. 

And there on the board,
Fulfilling a lack. 
Fresh from Boston College,
A franchise quarterback. 

Success came quick. 
For the young gun and his team. 
And fans of Atlanta. 
Could not help but dream. 

This was his time. 
And this was his year. 
When all of Atlanta,
Would stand up and cheer. 

But 2013
Brought on struggle and fail. 
And our new Falcon savior
Just could not prevail. 

But all is not lost,
A young core exists. 
And championship hopes. 
They live on and persist. 

So in 2014
Let struggle not hit twice. 
Here's to a better season
For our dear sweet Matty Ice.