42 Movie Blogging (SPOILER)


I'm watching the movie 42, and I've decided to share my random thoughts about it while it's going on.  Mostly because I'm excited to watch the movie, but at least partially because I'm not creative enough to think of anything else to write about tonight.

 -5 minutes in:  Pacific Rim preview.  I'm already all in as I remember how surprisingly good that movie was.  Love me some Guillermo Del Toro (not to mention the presence of Stringer Bell).

4:05:  I love Harrison Ford.  The way he growls the beginning lines of this movie reminds me how much I miss seeing him regularly in movies. 

6:23:  How come we can't pull off suspenders anymore?  Was the belt an evolution of functionality, or just style?  Someone should bring back the suspenders I've decided. 

11:44:  This Harrison Ford non-violent speech is a perfect personification of the Civil Rights movement, and the scene is fantastic.  Jackie Robinson faced with the decision to go a hard route and act like it's easy.  "Having the guts not to fight back" is such a selfless action, and I'm already all in on this movie.

16:33:  The bathroom protest scene is brilliant, as is the test Jackie has to go through with a horrible airport employee.  The newness of this environment to Jackie's wife reminds me how different everything was in the south, even during a time when racism and civil rights was a factor everywhere.  Powerful part of the movie already. 

23:44:  Jackie Robinson makes a fantastic double-play in Spring Training, followed by a racist statement from the coach, and an employment threat from the owner Ford.  More indications of a very steep grade Jackie had to face. 

28:19:  Obviously Jackie is going to try and steal after Douchebag McPitcher threw at his head.  Doesn't get him with the first throw, but Jackie cleanly slides into second soon after.  Sly grin on Jackie's face, and the world seems a little better.  Love the subsequent stealing of third base, where he was trapped and going back and forth.  Gotta think he's going to try and steal home. 

31:11:  Sort of stole home.  Pitcher dropped the ball, after giving him a little advice.  Fun stuff.  Then we get a kid using the word discombobulated.  Love it. 

37:39:  The supportive Southerner is a small beacon of light in an otherwise disturbing group of white people.  Makes me wonder how true that could've been.  

41:01:  I love the symbolism of Jackie throwing the ball to the little kid, very symbolic of him paving the way for the next guy who comes along.

54:23:  Little did I know that Christopher Meloni would play a perfect Leo the Lip.  Great speech to the team members about playing the guys who earn it and can play.  I love sports as the great equalizer.  You play or you go home.  I just wish we'd have figured it out sooner. 

1:01:15:  This movie is leading the league in wake up calls, as Ford's Rickey seems to enjoy waking people up at whatever time suits him.  Love Jackie's after call shock at learning he's got a contract with the Dodgers.

1:07:17:  I now think Dr. Cox should be an announcer in all sports movies.

1:14:09:  I can't see Wash as a staunch racist launching the N-Word at Jackie.  Somewhere, Nathan Fillion is crying a little, and it's sickening that this is probably mild compared to the things he must've heard on the field.  Throwing it at his head.  Sick.

1:19:15:  Jackie: Do you know what it's like to deal with this?

               Rickey: No. 

               A lesson perhaps we can still apply to a lot of people today. 

1:33:55:  Showing good off the field struggles as well, and I'm a fan of how the movie shows the backlash from the Ben Chapman ridiculousness, even if he tried to play it off like he was essentially trying to help toughen Jackie up.  Nice ownership people.

1:36:17:  Oh man, Jackie hit in the face with a pitch, brawl breaks out.  Jackie, obviously dazed, looks on and comforts his wife.  The movie does a great job showing what a target playing in the MLB can make you. 

1:44:26:  The shower scene is excellent, not something I personally anticipated myself saying about seeing a scene with a bunch of naked guys, but fantastic, especially following the Pee Wee Reese realization moment. 

1:50:06:  After taking a spike to the calf, Jackie has a great talk with Rickey.  For the good of the game, nice speech Harrison.

1:55:29:  Homerun for Jackie against a racist asshole, Brooklyn wins and is going to the World Series.  Added bonus: we get a slow clap from Dr. Cox.

Didn't know 42 was retired by all of baseball, very cool. 

This was a fantastic movie that I highly recommend to anyone.  I haven't done my research on how accurate the story is, but it was absolutely a fantastic movie, and there's no questioning the difficulties he faced.  And there's no questioning what a terrific player Jackie Robinson was, or what a huge impact he had on the game of baseball, and on the entire sports world.