Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone!  Here’s what 2 Guys are reading this week:

Here’s a story about the surging Blazers (of course this is what Brandon is reading this week!)

And yet another Blazers article, this one is a good analysis by Zach Lowe of Grantland on the Blazers.

Not a good sign for the investigation into FSU QB Jameis Winston’s sexual assault charges.

Been following Andy Hutchins’ Heisman Watch articles and enjoying them immensely.

Friend of the podcast Chris Barnewall’s take on Al Jefferson’s injury issues early in the season.

Duke’s recruiting class for 2014 just keeps getting better.

2 Guys wish Lindsey Vonn a speedy recovery!

Things just continue to look worse for Richie Incognito… this just seems like a story/issue that isn’t going to go away.  BullyGate is going to be the new BountyGate.

Great preview of what we’re dubbing The 2 Guys Bowl – Panthers vs. Dolphins


Enjoy this fake movie trailer, and 2 Guys would totally watch this movie.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone!  Here’s what 2 Guys are reading this week:

Friend of the podcast Chris Barnewall previews the Bobcats 

A devastating blow to the 49ers, and I hope Aldon Smith doesn’t become another sad story

Can we not do this?  Can we not follow all the sadness that is Greg Oden’s knees?

Maya Moore is really good, congrats to the Lynx!

Good for Josh Freeman, and probably a great new start for Minnesota

If Rob Gronkowski comes back, the Patriots just got that much more dangerous

My fascination with Yasiel Puig just continues

Brandon weighs in on the Pirates’ season

More Redskins name discussion, particularly in response to Rick Reilly

Important to note that Kobe Bryant might be at least slightly human

Quietly, Oregon State has the nation’s leading passer

Just because we think Sandra Bullock is awesome


Have a great weekend everyone!

The Sixers Are Worse Than I Thought

We are less than 2 weeks away from the start of the NBA Season. Which means we are right in the thick of the most pointless part of any American Sports season; NBA Preseason. It means nothing.  Preseason only serves two purposes; to figure out how much weight Raymond Felton has gained over the summer and for Rookies to start to make connections in cities they will be visiting throughout the season. That's it.

But occasionally, teams do play games. And one such game took place today. My beloved Charlotte Bobcats played the Philadelphia 76ers.  It was the epitome of preseason basketball. Sloppy. Uninteresting to anyone but die hard Basketball dorks (like me). And it was also a little deceiving. The Bobcats beat the Sixers 110-84 and when I tell you it wasn't even that close, I'm not exaggerating. The Bobcats aren't nearly as dominant as they appeared in this game. The Sixers played no defense. And what defense they did play, was terrible.

Which brings me to the thought I posed in the title.  The Sixers are really really bad. Like...really bad. No seriously. They are really bad. It's not a matter of getting blown out in one preseason game. It's a matter of how they looked. 23 turnovers. Lack of hustle back on defense.  The ease at which the Bobcats were able to move the ball around.  Those things do not bode well for a team that lacks any talent coming to the rescue.

Now, they will improve. They were without 3 starters. The Good news: they were without Even Turner, Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes. The Bad news: Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes are their 3 best players. Reread that sentence a couple times. Let it sink in.  Yeah, it's gonna be a long winter in the city of Philadelphia. 

But hey, cheer up Sixers fans.  The season will likely go by fast and you will have the best odds to land Andrew Wiggins.  Yes, you will.  And you will also likely have a lottery pick from New Orleans you got in the Jrue Holiday Trade. In the mean time, you can cry on my shoulder. As the fan of a historically bad team myself, trust me, I feel your pain.

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone!  Here’s what 2 Guys are reading this week:

Things aren’t looking good for Aldon Smith.

Josh Freeman should eventually beat out the incumbents in Minnesota.

Magic Johnson leaves ESPN’s NBA Coverage show, amid rumors of dissatisfaction with Bill Simmons’ increased role on the show.

Bill Barnwell does a great job discussing the Panthers offense.

The injury to Julio Jones is devastating for the Falcons.

Our friend Chris Barnewall discusses Brendan Haywood’s injury.

Nice discussion of the Pirates looking toward next season after such a great Cinderella story in 2013.

Despite the Orioles’ woes, 2 Guys reminds everyone that Chris Davis had a fantastic season.

Oh Kanye


2 Guys are a little late on this podcast, but Welcome to Night Vale is fantastic!  A little comedy mixed with H.P. Lovecraft… check it!


Have a great weekend everyone!