Top 10 Highlights of the Phillies - Rockies Game

My future mother in law scored box seats to the Phillies game tonight versus the Colorado Rockies. She had two extra tickets and since my fiance had to work tonight, I took one of my friends. I know very little about baseball and he knows even less. Quite the pair we made.

Baseball really is the perfect sport to see live for a casual sports fan. It's easy to follow. There aren't alot of rules. We all know what a homerun is and the team with the most runs wins. Easy. In the meantime, there is plenty of time for beer runs and iPhone surfing. 

We had a great time chatting and talking about baseball. Here are the top 10 moments for me during the game: 

    1. Shirt of the night goes to the young lady wearing an I Heart J. Cole T-Shirt. Not baseball related. Yet extremely hilarious.
    2. Oddly I didn't see any Ryan Howard jersey's. The guy is a hero in this town. Despite all the injuries he's still beloved here. The Howard shirts were noticeably missing. Interesting. 
    3. The first 3 innings were perfectly boring in the only way a baseball game can be. Nothing exciting happened and you are fine with sitting outside and doing absolutely nothing. 
    4. At one point the Philly Fanatic got on top of the Phillies dugout and danced with a little girl to Blurred Lines. To call this highly awkward, is an understatement. My friend and I may or may not have had a 20 minute conversation about how rapey this song is. Also awkward. Thanks Robin Thicke. 
    5. In the 4th inning, John Mayberry Jr. hit a 3 shot homerun. Hey! Baseball is fun! Suck it soccer!
    6. I've decided that the most terrifying thing you can experience at a sporting event is a foul ball coming directly at you. This happened to us in about the 6th inning. Not sure what the correct reaction is. I chose the shield your face and pray you don't have to explain to your co-workers why you have a black eye approach.  Luckily, the ball hit above us and this was avoided.
    7. Philadelphia fans love to boo. Like...really love to boo. That is all.
    8. In the 8th inning, Phillies Pitcher Jake Diekman balked. Like really balked. I've never actually seen anyone do this. It's like a foot fault in tennis or someone renigging in a game of spades. You know it's a rule but know one actually does it. 
    9. I cannot name one member of the Colorado Rockies.  
    10. The Rockies close what was once a 4 run lead for the Phillies to 1. Of course they did. The Phillies bullpen is horrible. Luckily the Phillies were able to close it out and get the win. Good times were had by all.