Weekly Roundup

Sorry I was traveling last week and missed my Weekly Roundup.  But I'm back!  We’re a little football heavy right now, but tis the season!  Here’s what 2 Guys are reading this week:

This just never looks good.  Damnit Ty…

How the experts draft in fantasy football

I like Rachel’s fantasy article about the Bills.  Obviously E.J.’s got some health concerns, but that offense should be interesting this year.

Good to see Arian Foster getting back on track

He’s still Felix Jones though right?

2 Guys are ALL IN on Luke Kuechly, especially after last night’s dominant performance!

At least Ryan Braun is being honest now… for whatever that’s worth.  Nice writeup.

Friend of the podcast Dave Zirin on the B.S. Report this week, definitely give it a listen!

Love me some Maya Moore, and she put up 28 to end the Lynx’s losing streak on Sunday.

Speaking of Moore, come on Bill Laimbeer, how could you say this?

And finally, I leave you with this.  Because, why not? 

2 Guys Roundup

Here is a 2 Guys Weekly Roundup of what we’re reading:

A great Blazers Mailbag that addresses the Robin Lopez trade.  I don’t always agree with what I read, as I love the Lopez acquisition.

A great rumors list where I’ve just learned that Iggy is going to be a Warrior.  Love it for Golden State!

A nice free agency blog update with some of the big signings for the year.

Checking in on Mike Wallace with the Dolphins from writer Andrew Abramson (@AbramsonPBP)

David Zirin’s new episode of Edge of Sports Radio with DeMaurice Smith!

2013 NFL Offseason grades updated from WalterFootball.

Panthers looking at S Quintin Mikell, would be a nice, underrated upgrade.

Story on Homer Bailey’s sick no-hitter!

Another excellent NBA Free Agency Update.