2 Guys Roundup

Here is a 2 Guys Weekly Roundup of what we’re reading:

A great Blazers Mailbag that addresses the Robin Lopez trade.  I don’t always agree with what I read, as I love the Lopez acquisition.

A great rumors list where I’ve just learned that Iggy is going to be a Warrior.  Love it for Golden State!

A nice free agency blog update with some of the big signings for the year.

Checking in on Mike Wallace with the Dolphins from writer Andrew Abramson (@AbramsonPBP)

David Zirin’s new episode of Edge of Sports Radio with DeMaurice Smith!

2013 NFL Offseason grades updated from WalterFootball.

Panthers looking at S Quintin Mikell, would be a nice, underrated upgrade.

Story on Homer Bailey’s sick no-hitter!

Another excellent NBA Free Agency Update.