Wait...Duke is in the ACC Championship?

If you are anything like me, that headline isn't overly shocking. Duke is always in they ACC Championship. What's that? Not in Basketball? Oh, we'll then surely you are talking about lacrosse? FOOTBALL?? Duke is playing for the ACC Championship of football?

Yes folks. On Saturday The Duke Blue Devils will play the Florida State Seminoles for the ACC title. The day we all thought would never come, is here. Duke's football program is no longer a laughingstock. Hell has indeed frozen over.  

Growing up in NC, there were 3 things you could always count on: 1. Andy Griffith reruns on channel 2 at 5:30pm everyday (I'm pretty certain this is still the case). 2. At any given moment you were no more than 5 miles away from a Bojangles or a Biscuitville. 3. Duke's football team was gonna suck. 

Consider this. In the past 20 years Duke has had 6 seasons in which they had 1 or fewer wins. That's kind of remarkable considering colleges use their non conference schedules purely to pay teams to lose to them.  I remember there was a time ruling the early 2000s when my Alma mater, NC A&T seriously wanted to play Duke. Not because we needed the money(hint; we did). But because we thought we could legitimately beat them. And we probably could have. 

But no more are those days. Duke has a shot on Saturday to shock the world. If they beat Florida State, not only will they play in the Orange Bowl, but they will knock Florida State out of the National Championship game. It would be huge. Forget that Duke is 0-18 all time versus Florida State. Forget that Duke is 30 point underdogs going into Saturdays game. NC is behind you Duke. 

Now, will this happen? Of course not. Florida State will likely beat the shit out of Duke and go on to lose in the National Championship Game to whichever SEC team screws Ohio State out of the title shot. Isn't college football great?