10 Observations, 2 Weeks into the NBA Season

We're 2 weeks into the NBA season so it's time for my ricidulously early progress report and what I've seen so far. Sure, we won't crown a champion for another 7 months. But that won't stop us from drawing some conclusions on what we've seen so far.

1. The Utah Jazz are really bad. Worst team in the league bad. I didn't see that coming.  Getting Trey Burke bad will help. But not that much. The Jazz are actually in a good spot. They have the young core they want to build around. So the team will get better. But right now? Oof...

2. The New York Knicks are still a mess. Look, I've been beating this drum since last year. That drum beat is starting to get a little louder and I'm feeling a little more company on my island. But it's a disaster. Tyson Chandler has a broken fibula and will be out up to 6 weeks. Metta World Peace has legitimately probably been their best player not named Carmelo. Andrea Bargnani is already getting booed by fans. And oh yeah, you're gonna have to give Carmelo Anthony 5 years $120 million next summer. Congratulations New York!

3. The Spurs are still the favorite in the west. Say what you want about them. They are old. They are injury prone. They are nearing the end of their run. They are boring. All those thing may or may not be true. You know what is true? The Spurs are a a machine and are the favorite to come out of the west until further notice. 

4. Derrick Rose is rusty.  I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Not playing basketball for 18 months and one is bound to be rusty. It's far from panic time in Chicago. But The juggernaut we all thought Chicago would be is, at best, a couple months away.

5. The 76ers and Suns didn't get the memo about tanking. The tales of the Riggin' for Wiggins campaign have been grossly overstated. The idea that teams would purposely lose games to get the chance to maybe draft a player that May or may not be good is just insane. 

6. The Boston Celtics are also really bad. Don't be deceived.  I know, I know. They beat Miami! The rivalry is alive! Please don't believe they hype. This Celtics team is bad. 

7. The Cleveland Cavs whiffed on the #1 pick.   I realize 2 weeks into a rookie season is no time to declare someone a bust. So I will refrain from doing so. But I will say this, 2 weeks into his career Anthony Bennett looks absolutely terrible. In 7 games this season he's made 1 basket. One. And is only playing 10 minutes per game. Only thing saing this pick from looking like a disaster is no rookie looks to be setting the league ablaze. Although Victor Oladipo may change this. 

8. Anthony Davis will make the all star game this year. Have you watched Davis so far this year? No. Stop what you are doing, go to youtube and look at some high lights.  This guy has been a monster. We aren't far away from him being in the discussion for best PF in the game. Side note: The Bobcats have had the 2nd overall pick twice. The #1 picks in those two drafts? Dwight Howard (2004) and Anthony Davis (2012). Excuse me for a moment. I have to go vomit. 

9. James Harden is astonishingly bad at defense. Epically bad. Almost admiringly bad. By the way, in that last link you'll see Steve Blake (Harden's man) cut back door, receive the pass and swing it to the other side of the court literally before Harden moves his feet.  You have to be trying to be that bad at defense.

10. The Indiana Pacers are the best team in the NBA right now. HUGE condition on that statement. Right now. This undoubtedly will change.