Panthers Fan Day and Jersey-of-the-Day

I went to the Panthers Fanfest on Saturday and had a great time.  My wife was a great sport about it, we ran in the morning 5K associated with it, and I got the opportunity to fall in love (Panthers fringe roster guy TE Brandon Williams) and be heartbroken (Cam looked a little rough) all in one day. 

There are two things I love about Fan Day at the stadium, a day where the stadium opens up and fans can come and watch the Panthers do a full practice for free.  First, I get an early look at the team on a day I don't have to take off from work.  Second, any time I go to the stadium, I get to find a Jersey-of-the-Day.   

The Panthers looked pretty good.  I was impressed with Brandon Williams, a TE who will struggle to make the roster but looks like he's in pretty good shape at this point.  I also like WR Armanti Edwards, and CB Josh Norman, who looked ready to challenge for a starting spot.   I was less impressed with QB Cam Newton, who looked erratic and threw at least two picks (one that CB Captain Munnerlyn isn't likely to let him forget.


Also, I was impressed with fans.  I found very little fodder for jersey of the day.  Often, I find at Bank of America Stadium a gem like Chris Weinke, but this guy won this trip.  Stephen Davis isn't a person to scoff at, but most of the jerseys were current stars on the team (the overwhelming majority still Steve Smith), so I didn't have much to mock.  As a side note, I disqualify people wearing jerseys from different teams, otherwise the Washington Boars Dana Stubblefield jersey would win, hands down.  Also, a young lady with a boyfriend who had Resting Asshole Face, closely related to Resting Bitch Face, was wearing a Dan Morgan jersey, which would have won, but I wasn't going to be the weird guy who asks the young girl if I can take her picture.  I wasn't in the mood to get stabbed.