Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone!  Here’s what 2 Guys are reading this week:

With only one year left on his deal and a need at small forward, this is one of the only moves the Bucks have made this year that I like.

My man-crush on Tyrann Mathieu knows no bounds, as the young kid has looked sharp all pre-season and should see the field early this year.

This hurts the Giants, and I feel bad for Andre Brown who finally carved a role for himself in the NFL.  Hopefully he can come back strong from a broken leg.

I stumbled on this article in the Atlantic, and now I want to read You Know Me Al.

Yasiel Puig benched for effort on D.  Love this rookie, both as a player and as a topic of interest.

Gronk might be there early in the season after all.

No fault deal for the NFL is a savvy business decision on the part of Goodell and good for the league image.  Ethics is another thing… but perhaps this concussion settlement will provide a little closure?  Rule changes will continue I’m sure.

Mike Davis off to a good start to his sophomore year, busting a 75 yard run.  I’m so glad football is back!

Speaking of college football, seriously NCAA?  This is all for Johnny Football?  I don’t personally care, but at least make an effort to be consistent.  At least try not to depict the NCAA as a complete farce.  One half of one game?  That says “we think he’s wrong, but we don’t really want to lose revenue from Johnny Football.”  Why even suspend him?  What a joke.

Let’s close this week with Tara Reid dropping some shark “knowledge.”  It’s too funny not to share.  By the way?  Sharknado is awesomely bad and I truly hope for a sequel.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone!  Here’s what 2 Guys are reading this week:

I may have to rethink my criticisms of Mo Williams… to be continued…

Interesting opinion on Johnny Football.

This however, is getting a ton of controversy.  Obviously, Manziel shares nothing in common with Rosa Parks.

This is a pretty good article about athletes from today and years past who could’ve used 2 Guys.

Writeup on how Kap looked last night (hint, he looked really good in limited play).  Also, Ian Williams might be better than I thought after looking stout against the Broncos.

ESPN’s PGA Championship Leaderboard.


And as Breaking Bad watchers here at 2 Guys, here’s everyone favorite New Mexico drug lord in his early days.


Have a good weekend everybody! 

Can I Not Care About Athletes Selling Autographs Please?


Apparently it's that time of the year again, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for the annual dance we are told we have to perform; I call it The Let's All Pretend We are Shocked That a College Athlete Is Profiting From His Fame Shimmy. And boy are we getting good at it. Every year a story will come out where it is revealed that a college athlete has received money, tattoos or some other benefit and we all get on our high horses and demand justice.

This year it's Texas A&M's Heisman Award winning QB Johnny Manziel's turn. Johnny Football, as he's otherwise known, has been accused of accepting payment for autographs.  While I admit this is a clear violation of the NCAA amateur rules and Johnny Football was well aware of these rules, I have to ask the question; Do any of us really care?

When it comes to hypocrisy, there may be no institution that displays a greater amount of blatant hypocrisy than the NCAA. We are talking about an organization that takes in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars a year profiting from student athletes while the students are not allowed to profit in anyway from their athletic ability.

Right or wrong, the system is the system.  Johnny Football broke a rule. A dumb rule. But he broke it nonetheless.  And guess what, I really don't care. Not at all. I can't seem to muster up enough energy to care that he benefited from his own success.  Nor did I care that Terrell Pryor got some free tattoos. Nor did I care that Reggie Bush received benefits.

It's ridiculous to think that these kids who are celebrities in these communities will not get preferential treatment from fans, boosters and unfortunately people who don't have their best interests in mind.  It's just the reality of the business of college football.  

Johnny Football does appear to be a cocky arrogant kid. But so what? You mean a 20 year old star QB at a prominent college football program is a little full of himself? Oh the humanity! Hate him all you want, if he wants to make a little scratch from his autograph, I just completely don't care. If you want to wring you hands and crucify him for it, feel free. But I'm willing to bet you don't really care either.