Wishing Lamar Odom The Best

One thing we love to do here at 2 Guys; we love to make fun of people. In a jokingly fun, harmless way. We often poke fun at Mo Williams, Zach Randolph, Tom Brady and anyone associated with the 2006 Dallas Mavericks. But it's always in jest.  We never mean any actual harm to people. 

News that broke this week that Lamar Odom might actually be dealing with an addiction to crack cocaine. All jokes aside, this is terribly sad. Addiction is a serious issue that we take lightly far too often in our culture.  It was all fun and games to make fun of Amy Winehouse's addictions until she turned up dead. We all have great fun making fun of Lindsey Lohan. But the fact is she's sick and needs our help, not our ridicule.

We should learn from their examples and not go down this same road with Odom.  We should give him and his family the space and privacy they need to let him heal and re-gather his life. 

Situations like this always put sports into perspective.  At the end of the day, Odom's life and health is far more important than what jersey he wears next season.  We at 2 Guys wish you well.  Take your time and get better. Forget about basketball for a while. Just concentrate on yourself and your family. That's what really matters.