Top 5 Plays of The Charlotte Bobcats Season

This past Wednesday, the 2012-2013 season for my beloved Charlotte Bobcats mercifully came to an end.  I'd be lying if I said this season wasn't tough. It was. This team is not very good and at times watching them filled my spirit with sadness. Being a Bobcats fan is like being a fan of a bad band.  All the criticisms about them is valid. You know it. But you don't care.  You like them anyway.

As hard as this season was to watch, it was MONUMENTALLY easier to stomach than last years 7-59 campaign. This team still has a long way to go before we can even begin to think about being in playoff contention.  But I sincerely think we are on the right path.  

There were moments this season that the Bobcats were fun to watch. There were many games where the Bobcats played well (relatively speaking) and just couldn't pull out the win. There were not a lot of highlights. But, there were some.  Here are my top 5 plays from the Bobcats season:

#1. Gerald Henderson Game Winner vs Minnesota

This play sums up the Bobcats entire season. Great hustle from MKG. Great veteran clutch shot from Henderson. Great leadership from Hendo to keep the team focused to finish out the game. Fumbled pass from Biyombo. All wrapped up in a great big dose of WTF???

#2. Byron Mullens Dunks on LaMarcus Aldridge

I know this one will hurt Brandon. But I'm sorry. This play is just great.  Full of unintentional comedy.  Also, it's only fitting that this dunk comes off of a horribly missed 3 pointer by Mullens.

#3. MKG Dunks on Greg Monroe

If there is a play on this list that should give Bobcats fans hope for the future, it's this one. MKG has the athleticism and motor to be a star. Plays like this prove it. Sure he can't shoot. But...hey don't rain on my parade. Let me enjoy this.

#4. Kemba Walker Game Winner vs Minnesota

I've struggle with my feelings about Kemba these past 2 seasons. He's small. Not really a true point.  But the kids got heart. And he's got a clutch gene if I've ever seen one.

#5. Gerald Henderson Dunks on Dwight Howard

Ok, this wasn't technically a dunk. More of a throw in. Either way, it was awesome. Sidebar: Am I the only one still pissed that we let two wins against the Lakers just slip away?