Dwayne's Official NBA Finals Pick


The NBA Finals. It's a classic battle; Spurs vs Heat. Past Dynasty vs Present Dynasty. Lebron vs Duncan. Legendary coach vs up and coming coach. Mexican food vs Cuban food.  It's got great story lines; Lebron goes for his second title. Duncan goes for 5. The Heat try to go back to back in 3 straight Finals.  Parker goes for his second Finals MVP.

It's got great basketball intrigue: Can the heat Handle San Antionio's size better than they did Indiana? can Miami contain Tony Parker? Who guards Lebron? Does D-Wade have anything left in the tank? Does Chris Bosh realize the Heat are in the finals? Who's role players step up? Can Spoelstra match chess moves with Popovich.

All in all, it has the potential to be a classic series.  I will not try to hide my status as a Tim Duncan fanboy. Growing up in NC, I loved Tim Duncan and Wake Forest (partially due to my hatred for all things Carolina and Duke). He's been the best player of his generation ( Sorry Shaq, Kobe, Iverson and Garnett. But Duncan is the best of your era). A 5th title for Duncan would elate me beyond words.

Then you have the Heat. Best team in the league. with the Best player in the league.  This series really can be boiled down to one word: Lebron. Does he take the next step on his journey to greatness? Taking down this Spurs team would definitely be it.  

I think the Spurs are much more favorable matchup for Miami than Indiana was. Indiana's size down low was a nightmare for the Heat and their athleticism on the wing gave Dwyane Wade fits.  I expect much a better series from both Bosh and Wade. I also expect to see Battier and Allen spotting up in the corners and getting cleaner looks as the Heat move the ball much better and crisper than the Grizzlies did. 

Despite my love for Duncan and the Spurs, I really don't see them winning this series. Miami is too athletic. Too deep. And too motivated.  There is no way Lebron let's this pass him. An opportunity to go back to back and cement his legacy as an all time great. So I'm pulling for you Spurs. Surprise me and bring home #5 for the Big Fundamental.  

Prediction: Heat in 5