NFL Draft: Name Power Rankings

Anyone that knows me knows there are three random things I enjoy; teen comedies (Easy A is an amazing movie. I don't care what anyone says.), acapella group pun names, and humourous/creative/ridiculous names.  It's an obsession of mine.  Every time Dwyane Wade's name comes across the TV, it sparks a 10 minute rant (His name is clearly mispelled. Come on Dwyane. Fix this please.)

The sketch I've posted above from the Key and Peele Show is a work of art.  It's perfect.  In honor of the NFL draft and in honor of the genius of this sketch, I decided to rank my favorite names in this years NFL draft:

  1. Star Lotulelei (DT - Utah) - His last name is amazing.  But Star? How many guys do you know named Star? I mean seriously.
  2. Barkevious Mingo (OLB - LSU) -Easily the most ridiculous name in this draft. Just not as fun to say as Lotulelei.
  3. Cordarrelle Patterson (WR - Tennessee) - There is no proper way to spell this name. But it seems misspelled to me somehow.
  4. Manti Te'O (MLB - Notre Dame) - There have been enough Manti Te'O jokes written this year. So let's just pretend this one doesn't exist.
  5. Kiko Alonso (MLB - Oregon) - His name rhymes. So that's some serious bonus points.
  6. Jamoris Slaughter (SS - Notre Dame) - A Strong Safety named Slaughter. That's pretty badass.
  7. Da'Rick Rodgers (WR - Tenn Tech) - I love any name that has a prefix to a regular name.
  8. Rodrick Rumble (WR - Idaho State) - Strong last name. If I were calling a game of his I would not be able to prevent myself from saying "Rumble, young man Rumble."
  9. Ray Ray Armstrong (SS - Miami) - His actual name is Ray Ray. What more do you need?
  10. Stefphon Jefferson (RB - Nevada) - Obvious mispelling. If it isn't, I have no idea how to pronounce this. Name aside, I watched some of his highlights. No chance this guy gets drafted.