Top 5 Worst "Good" Fictional Basketball Players

If you all have been following our website for the past couple months, you should know two of my favorite things are movies and basketball. Lucky for me, these worlds cross paths quite often and normally to hilarious results.  These movies normally include a basketball player who is regarded as "the best". Most of the time, this character is actually a horrible basketball player. And hilarity ensues.  So I've put together some of my favorite moments from moves/TV with a comically bad good basketball star. Enjoy. 

1. Scott Howard/Teen Wolf (Teen Wolf) - I'm not sure where to start with this movie. We first have to accept we are dealing in a universe where werewolves exist. We're also dealing with a school so bad at basketball that not only is Chubby (#55) on the Beavers basketball team, HE'S A STARTER! All that aside, Scott Howard is horrible at basketball.  I get the point of the movie. Hard work, being true to yourself and you can accomplish anything..blah blah. But Scott can't dribble the basketball without looking at it. Come on!  As for the teen wolf, I admit watching a werewolf play basketball in a sweatband is badass. But he's a werewolf.  I'll never get past this fact. Sorry.

Also, in the final game against the Dragons (which I insist you watch in it's entirety), how is the douchebag Dragons player allowed to just stand under the basket and stare at Scott while he shoots free throws? Like, how is this even possible? 

2. Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) - This is one of my favorite basketball clips on the internet.  It's great. Will Smith catches the jump ball (Which is illegal by the way) and tosses it in from half court. Once that happens hall bets are off. At one point Will Smith shoots the ball with his back to the basket. Why? Because why not? Also, with 10 seconds left, Will's team is up 62-21. Not only are the starters still in the game, Will goes baseline and hits a reverse dunk as time expires! WTF coach? This is how things like this happen.

3. Sydney Dean and Billy Hoyle (White Men Can't Jump) - This movie is highly entertaining. Simply because it's fun to listen to Sydney and Billy talk shit to each other. But let's not kid ourselves. These guys are TERRIBLE basketball players. The winning play where Sydney some how takes 4 steps while throwing the ball behind his back twice to Billy is incomprehensible. Billy did somehow manage to land Rosie Perez though. So he get's points for that.

4. Monica Wright (Love and Basketball)  - Ok. Allow me to break down the last minute of this game. Monica's team (Crenshaw) is down 4 points. She brings the ball up the court and jacks a 3 in the first 10 seconds. Makes it. Passes to no one. Crenshaw now down one. The other team brings the ball up, Monica get's the steal makes a layup. Crenshaw up one. On the next posession Monica commits an absolutely inexcusable reach in foul. The other team shoots two free throws. Crenshaw down 1. Monica get's the ball back with 10 seconds left. Does she pass the ball around and try to get a good look at the basket? No. She jacks a 3 with about 7 seconds left in the game. Misses and her team loses.  Why was USC recruiting her again?

5. Jamal Jeffries (Juwanna Mann)  -  First of all, yes. I have seen the movie Juwanna Mann. And I'm not gonna apologize for it. Let's start by adressing the fact that Jamal Jeffries is a man. Playing women's basketball in drag. And no one notices. Next let's address that Jamal repeatedly gropes these women's asses during the games. And no one notices. Jamal repeatedly passes up wide open scoring opportunities to make unnecessarily difficult passes to teammates.