UNC's PJ Hairston Problem

Unless you are a diehard college basketball fan, you probably have no idea who PJ Hairston is.  He is UNC's returning leading scorer. As a sophomore last season, he showed some legitimate promise. Very athletic. High motor. But he's not a guy destined to be anything more than a decent bench role player in the NBA. Perhaps he could be a starter on a bad team.

Young kid. Lots of potential. Sky is the limit for this young man both on and off the court.  Which is what has made the last couple months so troubling.  Back in June he was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving without a license: 

Before his arrest in Durham on Wednesday night, North Carolina basketball player P.J. Hairston was driving a vehicle in which police discovered 43.2 grams of marijuana, according to a Durham Police Department incident report.

Police also discovered a handgun after they stopped Hairston and two passengers in a rented GMC Yukon. Police charged Hairston with misdemeanor drug possession and driving without a license.

Oh, did I forget to mention there was a gun too? Yeah. There was a gun. It's not clear whether the weed or gun belonged to Hairston. In either case...what the hell is he doing in a car with weed and a gun??? PJ, this is just something that cannot happen. Anyway, someway, somehow the charges in this case were dropped. Hey, who says there aren't perks for playing for the most powerful college basketball program in the state of North Carolina.

The case of the gun isn't completely resolved. And there is the issue of the rental car PJ was driving. But for the most part, it appears that PJ will not face any legal charges from this incident. Then...not even 2 weeks later...PJ was arrested for speeding and wreckless driving. He was clocked going 93 MPH in a 65. Sigh.  

So let's recap: 2 arrests in 3 months. One case still pending. Charges still possible in another. It really begs the question, why is he still a member of UNC Basketball? Innocent or not, you get arrested TWICE in a summer and you get kicked off the team. Period. Really makes you wonder what Will Graves did to get kicked off the team. 

UNC has said that Hairston will not play the entire season. So we can assume a suspension is coming. But, in my honest opinion, that isn't enough. He belongs no where the program. This the class UNC has coming in, it's not like they really need him. Cut ties UNC. I know it's difficult to give up on a kid. But is he worth the headache? I say a resounding no.