A Quick Soapbox

I get e-mails and read articles often that minimize the problems associated with having a professional sports team called the "Redskins."  The most common thing is to say "no one is offended," "stop the politically correct police," and even "well if we find this name offensive, let's change all the names.

These objections are absurd.  I get that these are jokes, but I refuse to understand why such blatant racism is funny.

Redskins is different than all the other team names.  We can debate whether or not a race of people should be a mascot at all, and we can talk about bad logos, and we can have discussions about etiquette when applying team names.  We can even talk about the marketing implications of changing such names, a problem that our friend David Zirin has debunked thoroughly.  Seriously, read anything he's written or listen to our podcast when he was kind enough to stop by.

With the Redskins, It's not a matter of being "politically correct," it's a matter of the term actually being racist.  The term originates as a term to identify the number of Native American people killed for money.  "How many redskins do you have there?" would be the question, in reference to the number of people someone had killed.  "Oh, I suppose I owe you three shillings then!" would be the response of Whitey McRacist.  

The term is racist, not politically incorrect.  People making light of it shows a level of ignorance that is beyond me.  I understand the people who laugh at these comments probably don't know the history.  They certainly are well-meaning.  Often people are concerned about tradition (to hear more about this tradition, please read this from Mr. Zirin).  

However, instead of mocking people who care about an issue foreign to you, wouldn't it make more sense to investigate deeply into why so many people find something so incredibly offensive?  The originators of these intentionally light-hearted, but inadvertently abhorrent displays of ignorance, are choosing not to ignore the issue like a normal person who doesn't care about something; but to actively try and mitigate the concerns of others.  I think that's deplorable, and this type of drivel continues to cascade around the internet, perpetuating false impressions of things that might possibly (dare I say it) have layers.


Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone!  Here’s what 2 Guys are reading this week:

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Yeah, They're Done

Tonight's Indianapolis vs San Diego will mark the end of week 6 in the 2013 NFL season. So it's time for every ones favorite game; let's make dangerously premature proclamations. Six weeks in and it's safe to assume alot about certain teams.  The Broncos are really good. The Jags are really bad. And there are alot of teams in between.

But there are certain teams pundits and fans alike thought would be much better than they are.  Could compete for a Super Bowl even. It's to the point where I'm ready to call the season for some of these teams. They're done. Not making the playoffs. Looking forward to next season. 

Obviously the moment I write this blog post and declare their season over, they will go on a win streak. Make the playoffs and make an improbable run to a championship. Just to prove me wrong. So to the 5 teams below, you're welcome. And remember who to thank when you are receiving that Lombardi Trophy:

1.  Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4) - I'm not entirely sure what is wrong with the Steelers. But they sure look broken. This week they beat a barely not terrible NY Jets and are already 3 games back of the division leading Cincinnati Bengals. 3 Games isn't insurmountable. But for this Steelers team, it is.

2. Houston Texans (2-4) - The Texans have snatched the title of resident dumpster fire from the Jaguars. The Jags are bad. But this Texans team is just a wreck.  They're starting QB is hurt and may miss time and that may be a good thing. And oh yeah his replacement is TJ Yates. Bad times in Houston. Side Note: With neither The Steelers or Texans going anywhere, why don't the Texans call up the Steelers and offer Matt Schuab and a 1st round pick for Ben Rothliesberger. Houston with a good QB can still compete. And Pittsburgh can get a head start on their inevitable rebuild. Win-win.

3. Atlanta Falcons (1-4) - 6 weeks in and the Falcons a 4 games behind the Saints. They've lost Julio jones for the season and there are rumblings already that they should trade Tony Gonzalez and just prepare for a high draft pick. Week 6 and already talking about the draft? Yeah, they're done. 

4. Washington Redskins (1-4) - On the 2 Guys NFL season preview I predicted that Either the Colts or Redskins were due to take a step back this season. Turns out I was correct. 

5. Green Bay Packers (3-2) - Of any team on this list, the Packers have the best chance to make me look stupid. They have a winning record and are only a game back on Chicago and Detroit for the NFC North lead. But the Packers have not looked good. And with Jacoby Jones hobbled and Randall Cobb out multiple weeks, I think it's too much to ask Aaron Rodgers to drag this team to the playoffs. Yeah, they're done.