Quarterback Carousel

Please buckle your safety belt and get ready for a wild ride of signal callers changing colors!  In the last couple of weeks, an astonishing number of quarterbacks have changed teams.

Let's start in Arizona, who had four quarterbacks that equaled roughly -2 quarterbacks in actual value. In comes Drew Stanton (now on his fourth roster in a little over a year).  Stanton was going to be "The Guy" in AZ with coach Bruce Arians bringing him over with him from Indy. To make sure of it, Kevin Kolb was cut (no big shock) and John Skelton was released. Then today, the Cardinals traded for Carson Palmer. Palmer hasn't been good for a while now, but the Cardinals haven't been either, and Larry Fitzgerald has to be happy to have someone new to watch get sacked before they can throw him the ball. Too bad Palmer can't block. Still, he's a serious upgrade over the Kolb-Skelton-Brian Hoyer trio from last season.  

Atlanta lost their backup, Luke McCown, who signed with the Saints. This might sound like a yawn move, but McCown knew the Falcons offense and Atlanta will now need to draft a replacement.

Meanwhile, Buffalo decided to sign Kevin Kolb, who may actually benefit from a change of scenery, though (and I can't believe I'm writing this) he may have to beat out Tarvaris Jackson for the job. I still have them going after Matt Barkley in the second round of the draft this year.

Speaking of backups, Chicago lost Jason Campbell (arguably the best backup in the league if you don't count Alex Smith) to Cleveland, where he'll battle second year player Brandon Weeden, and probably someone they draft in the second round (cough... Ryan Nassib... cough) for the starting job. Cleveland then shipped backup QB Colt McCoy to the 49ers, who shipped Alex Smith to the Chiefs, who cut Matt Cassel, who is now the backup in Minnesota. Whew!

Cincinnati lost their backup, Bruce Gradkowski as well, who signed with Pittsburgh after Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich proved last year to be incapable of stepping in for the Tower of Big Ben.

Tennessee let Matt Hasselbeck go, who signed with the Colts, who lost Stanton to Arizona.

Oddly enough, Jacksonville hasn't made a move. Hello Geno Smith?

The Jets signed David Garrard, who will fight with Mark Sanchez to see who gets to lead the Jets to a 4-12 record this year.

Finally, Oakland traded for Seattle Seahawks backup Matt Flynn, intending to make him their starter, which prompted the trade of Carson Palmer to Arizona.

So all in all, after this mess, we have at least five new starting QB's and 11 new backups. And this is all before the draft throws everything out the window!  

Who says the NFL isn't a year round sport?