Episode 293 - Who'd You Rather?

This week, the guys play “Who’d You Rather?” Dwayne gives Brandon two football options, and Brandon gives Dwayne basketball players to choose from. How good can Zion Williamson be? Would Brandon take Antonio Brown over anyone?

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Episode 292 - Luck, Brown, and Simmons

This week, the guys talk Antonio Brown and Andrew Luck (recorded before Brown was released by the Raiders) and talk about Bill Simmons’ recent “spat” with Devin Booker and the overall conversation about criticizing professional athletes with impunity.

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Episode 270 - NFL Headlines

In a podcast that is already outdated, the guys recap some of the Oscars winners and Brandon says D.K. Metcalf is too slow (wrong), Kyler Murray is too small (he measured bigger than expected at the combine), and the Dolphins were bound to get Nick Foles (looks like he’s Jaguar bound.

Also, Brandon takes an early look at the draft and discusses the two Steelers’ stars that are likely on the move.

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