Episode 266 - Super Bowl and NBA Trade Targets

This week, the guys talk about the conference championship games and preview the Super Bowl. Dwayne also identifies potential trade targets throughout the NBA, including a surprise player who Brandon thinks should be traded to Orlando.

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Episode 73a - Dwayne Fixes the Cavs

2 Guys give advice to the city of Cleveland in fixing the Cavs and the Browns.  The guys had so much help to give, we needed to split the episode into two parts!  This is Part 1, where Dwayne gives advice and a pathway for the beleaguered Cleveland Cavaliers NBA franchise.  See Episode 73b for Brandon fixing the Browns.

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Episode 28 - Harry Potter NBA Recast

Check out Episode 28, where 2 Guys recast the Harry Potter franchise using NBA players.  The premise is that JK Rowling, feeling she left some money on the table the first time she made the 8 movie series, has called up 2 Guys for assistance in casting a reboot of the films made after her famous books.  Unfortunately, all the actors and actresses are busy right now, so 2 Guys has only the NBA players (on break between Summer League and the 2013 season) to choose from.  All current NBA players are available, except Kevin Durant, who 2 Guys already have working on Space Jam 2.  Enjoy!