Episode 266 - Super Bowl and NBA Trade Targets

This week, the guys talk about the conference championship games and preview the Super Bowl. Dwayne also identifies potential trade targets throughout the NBA, including a surprise player who Brandon thinks should be traded to Orlando.

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Episode 246 - NBA Draft Preview

It's almost draft day! With the Finals over, the guys dive deep into the potential top picks of the NBA draft! Dwayne discussed which picks should be made, which players he's super high on, and who he thinks is getting way too much buzz. How good is Luka Doncic? Does Marvin Bagley have a role in the modern NBA? Should we believe the Ayton hype? 

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Episode 161 - NBA 3-for-3

2 Guys talk 3 categories with 3 teams each around the NBA! Should Memphis blow it up this off-season? What stars need to be on the move? Which teams are ahead of where they thought they'd be this season? And how good are the Toronto Raptors? Listen to hear the guys discuss these issues and more around the NBA!

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Episode 121 - NBA Playoffs

Check out Episode 121! The guys go around the NBA playoffs and pay a little extra attention to the Blazers-Grizzlies series as Dwayne tries to comfort Brandon. Also, Brandon goes on a tangent about the Miami Dolphins' draft woes and the guys discuss who the team to beat is in each NBA Conference.

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Episode 23 - NBA Southwest Division and Brandon Jennings Trade

Check out Episode 23 where 2 Guys discuss the Brandon Jennings trade, NFL training camp updates and go in depth on the NBA Southwest Division.  Also, a certain Eagles WR might need some advice this week...