BONUS - Return Specialist Depth Charts

This is a bonus episode specifically for discussing the return depth charts throughout the NFL. I talk around all 32 teams to discuss who the key kick returners and punt returners are expected to be as we inch closer to the season.

Special thanks to Greg Bell, Ryan Stano, and Chris Pflum for lending their voices to some audio clips discussing the Seahawks, Colts, and Giants, respectively.

Special thanks also to Ben Leber, who was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail, and to Brian Niles of Treeline Cinematic for helping me get in touch with him.

Thanks also to Greg Auman and Andrew Abramson for answering questions on twitter.

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Episode 249 - NFC East and North Previews

This week, the guys dive into the always competitive NFC East and NFC North divisions! Can the Packers bounce back with a healthy Aaron Rodgers? How good can the Vikings be with Kirk Cousins? The guys also discuss the new Bears and have the annual Alex Smith discussion.

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Episode 236 - NFL Free Agency Roundup

The guys talk NFL Free Agency now that the first wave has completely wound down. Of course, this was recorded before the Suh signing, but the episode covers the biggest deals and trades that went down after the start of the new league year. Who got better and who didn't? How good can the Vikings be, and what is the long-term strategy for the Giants? Answers to these questions and more!

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Episode 213 - NFC North Division

This week, the guys go in depth on the NFC North Division! How will the Lions do following a playoff appearance last season? Can Green Bay get back to the Super Bowl? Which QB should the Bears go with this season? Are the Vikings ready to compete with Sam Bradford at QB? All this, plus a discussion about the Zeke Elliott suspension and the Bills' trades from Friday.

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Episode 177 - NFC Conference Preview

2 Guys talk in depth about the NFC, focusing on the North and South Divisions while making full on predictions for the conference. Which team will make it to the Super Bowl this year? Are the Vikings for real? How good can the Bucs be? Can the Panthers repeat as NFC Champs? Find out!

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Episode 150 - NFC Discussion

This week, 2 Guys talk NFC as we inch closer to the playoffs! Should the Panthers shoot for an undefeated season? Is Kirk Cousins for real? How good are the Packers and Vikings? Also, is Arizona the most complete team in the NFL and will anyone want to play Seattle in the playoffs?

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